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LED Grid Project

Exploring the various Arduino projects on the Arduino forums, I ran into the sure electronics 24x16 led grid thread. I became very interested in developing a project involving the use of this red led grid, because it reminded me of commonly found dot matrix information signs.

What's really nice about the led grids, besides the fact that they are relatively cheap, is that they have a bunch of documentation for them online, and they are not terrible difficult to use (they even include the ribbon cable pinout diagrams!)

With that said, It's time to connect the led grid to my Arduino. In this case, I am using an Arduino Diecimila

Here's a little close up to my setup: what I'm using consists of: -Arduino diecimila -USB printer cable -5v @ 1amp power supply -some single core telephone wire

Well, now that I know the Led grids work, It's time to make some Plexiglass stands! Again, I borrowed the idea from Arduino forums here. However, I use a radically different method to work with plexi glass. tools you'll need: -jig saw -drill -clamps -dowel -copper pipe -Dremel tool + cutting wheels -plexi glass -mechanical pencil + graphite sticks

Well, because I don't have a heat gun, and I don't have a hair dryer that will even come close, the next hottest thing I have guessed it... a SOLDERING IRON!!!!! I happen to have a bunch of crummy soldering irons with tips the size of railroad spikes, so I have finally found a use for them at last.

Basically you take 2 really crummy soldering irons that still warm up, and combine them into one heat source. So how do you do that? Use some old copper plumbing pipe. About 1/4 in plumbing pipe should work just fine. On the left is 1/4 in pipe, on the right is 1/2 in pipe.

Of course, nothing ever fits right the first time, so I had to cut the copper pipe down the middle.

Dremel time. copper is awfully soft, so you done need to use a jig saw for this one.