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AMD Minifridge

My kitchen/home computer needed a desperate upgrade, as it hadn't changed since it's early Windows ME days. And I am not talking about a ram or CPU upgrade either. So I decided to start from scratch and build a new kitchen computer that would serve as a homework and multimedia PC. I decided to go with a microatx form factor as there was no need for a full atx system, since most everything is integrated into the i/o panel of motherboards these days.

Because I happen to have a great liking for metal cases, I went with a Lian-Li pcv-350b case. I found it just the right size for the components I needed.

Since this was going to be a multimedia and homework machine, there was no reason to spend a boat load of money on the highest end components, so I went with the AMD platform, and decided to go quad core for enhanced multitasking. I choose a DFI matx motherboard because I wanted the option of extreme overclocking when the machine becomes outdated later on.

I went with an AMD Phenom 9950be because there was a terribly good deal online, and I wanted four logical cores in my machine. I already had DDR2 ram so I just decided to use that.

Because I wanted to have the option of making a crossfire system one day, I went with a silencer 610 power supply. This should provide plenty of power to the whole system and easy expansion.

Of course you'll have to include the necessary peripherals: CD/DVD Burner, multicard reader, ram and a hard drive, of course.

Because I did not have an extra sata 3.5in HDD at the time, I went ahead and used a 2.5in laptop HDD. 7200rpm Hitachi I believe. Later on I replaced it with a caviar black 640GB