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Salvaging Old Camcorders

While out and about, I stumbled into some great finds in the ewaste bins! I found a 19in Philips LCD TV and (2) late 1980's camcorders. I'll post a fix it guide for the LCD TV shortly, but for now, Lets focus on salvaging those camcorders!

I found a canon and a Ricoh camcorder, both which use HI-8. the Canon is apparently Canon's first in-house built camcorder.

Another side by side comparison

As you can see, these lenses are still very usable. What is even nicer is that they both have dedicated focus rings. Thus, the lenses are not entirely automated, which makes them more useful adapting to another camera or sensor.

Here's a close up on the Ricoh

Gosh how cameras have progressed.....

Here's an example of some of the tools you'll need for the teardown.

After removing all the outside most screws from the Ricoh, here's what you'll get