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Salvaged Circuitry

Adventures in Tinkering

Old School MIDI Controller

This is a Tandberg TCD 301 cassette recorder. I believe this is somewhat of a professional recording device from the mid 80's. As you can see, this is built VERY well. You can see it was a 70s/80s device too because it integrates a wood grain. You just dont see that anymore anywhere.

The feel of this recorder is great. Unfortunately, I have to take this apart because tt does not work, and it is most likely not worth fixing. A common problem with cassette recorders and old cassette radios is the tendedcy of the cassette belts breaking. Because these belts are often in the heart of the device and woven through the innards of the device, they are very hard to replace, and een if you do replace it, you will end up breaking some small plastic gear or so, making the device useless. So I just decided to salvage whatever I could from the recorder and use some design cues for future MIDI development.

A close up of the back of the device

Here's what I really love about this device: slide potentiometers. Slide potentiometers for free.

More goodles: Gauges! It kind of remonds me of the old galvanometer voltimeters. I had to keep these.